In our every action, we seek to inspire, motivate, and help you rise to reach your maximum potential. Our clothing aims to represent strength and hope. It serves as a constant reminder to continue doing our best in whichever occupation we choose.

44Life is an exclusive family of individuals who share the common belief that Family, Faith, Fortitude, and Fun are essential to living a full and happy life. We believe in personal growth, turning dreams into reality, and having fun in all aspects of life. It is our everlasting duty to show others the benefit of living with purpose.


In our relentless pursuit of chasing dreams and enabling others, 44Life has determined a need for fundraising. Over the past two years, we have started and maintained a break-even clothing business; however, our vision demands something greater. We ultimately see ourselves as helpers and change agents in the lives of others. Everyone wants to develop, and that responsibility of development ultimately lies in the hands of the individual; however, arming capable young people with a physical space, a scientific approach to changing anything, and the resources to enable progress will put the tools in the hands of those we hope to enable, to support, to love, and to bring to greater heights. What this looks like specifically has yet to be determined, but one thing we know is that we will need more capital in order to garner the tools to help others follow their passions.

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We can’t guarantee anything back besides undying support, love, cheap t-shirts, and the openness and willingness to help you in whatever endeavor you have. Four4Life’s relationship with the customer is predicated on trust and faith. Begin the conversation by donating, and we’ll reach out to you to see how we can help you in your dreams.

When you donate to 44Life, you enlist an army of talented, intelligent, and capable young men and women who will not stop until the mission has been accomplished. In this case, our mission is you.

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