Find Your Purpose

Everyone loses their way.
When we feel defeated, fucked, broken, shot, helpless,
We need to look to our elders, be unselfish, and reassess what our self is.
Get back on our feet and be shelters for others, while we preach what they spelt
Out for us, it’s easy as algebra, grab a sword and shield and change the world is the outcome for us.
To be indefinitely determined to destroy fear.
Fuck fear. Steer straight through our worst to be clear, minded. They’re here to tell us that we can find it:
The life that was grandiosely designed for us.
Kindness, peace of mind, and time to listen,
Gives shine to young minds who are tryin’ to glisten.
Sometimes we go broke, sometimes we die.
But at the end of the book, we always will fly.


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