There were once four brothers. They were a tight knit group and they always promised that when they grew older, they would have their way with the world. They always worked hard, training and planning for the future. They were led by their brother Weston. Weston always lived with the certain fire inside of him. Hell, you could feel the heat if you were close enough. He pushed the other brothers to always try their best and to push their limits. There was no being lazy. Weston did whatever it took to get them in training. They engaged in competitive games and business propositions. They built their mental and physical strength. They improved their skills and challenged each other to be better. They lived with purpose and they were happy because of the progress they made. There was a certain magic in what Weston created for those 3 brothers.

As they grew older, Weston was shipped off to prep school. One cold, wintery night, Weston and his friend, Michael D’Amico were walking to the convenience store. A drunk driver came up behind them and blindsighted them both in the back in the quiet town of Holderness, NH. When Wes and Mike died, the 3 brothers got together and vowed to continue chasing the dream that was originally imagined by the 4. It has been over 10 years since Weston has died, but the 3 brothers still strive to accomplish their magnificent mission. The 3 brothers truly believe that he is here, watching over them. Although tragic, from Wes’ death came a strong bond between a large group of people he affected. Great souls from everywhere came to become part of the family that is destined to change the world. This is 44Life.


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