2 Degrees Off

Pick your head up because you’re not far off. Two degrees is all you need. It may be one thing, one behavior that is limiting you. It could be one change that holds the key which unlocks your universe. Don’t be afraid to test your theories of what needs to change. Don’t underutilize the power to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Engage with the outside world by courageously failing. Revise inputs as new outputs are observed. Formulate newer, more optimal paths to accomplish your specific goals. Unlock your life by having greater focus, having a more specific plan, and taking the time to truly practice cultivating the true passion required to accomplish difficult goals. Focus brings energy to a moment, enables the ether of the air to be charged, and creates unique and magical reactions not explained by rhyme or reason.

See the PDSA cycle in detail here: Changing For Good


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