Jim Carrey and The Law of Attraction

Start working towards your goals. Give yourself something to believe in by taking the first step and trying. You will likely fail. Try again, and try again. Eventually, you will come across some form of success. Once the ball starts rolling, it keeps rolling. Use your results. Those results work as a place where belief can start. From there, your belief grows until you can believe more and more is possible. Once you truly believe it, it will become your reality.

The piece that isn’t talked about enough is the fact that you will fall. You will fail. These, though, are stepping stones. Without these failures, without these tests, you wouldn’t know the lessons that need to be learned to get to your ultimate goal. There will be times when you doubt your faith. There will be times when you’re headed backwards, sideways, or are on a entirely different path. This is a natural part of the cycle. It isn’t magic. It’s how the universe functions, and it takes hard work. Stay focused, be persistent, and build a fire that no one can extinguish.

Why is it that so many successful people understand and live by this principle?


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