The Secret of Selflessness

People are constantly at war with themselves. Unfortunately much of our lives are spent involved in this fruitless war. We are so self-absorbed and warped that we can’t even take the time to ask the guy next to us how he managed that smile on his face. We ourselves haven’t used a smile in months. We worry constantly about what other people think. How far inward can we get today? How many people can we crush to get what we want. It’s a selfish downward spiral. Obsession of self is another term I’m fond of. It leads to unhappiness and the “fork in the road” that you took was subtle. You made the choice to be selfish before you could even think about it.

Whatever happened to do unto others? What happened to helping your neighbor? I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s still here. It’s just not being practiced. So to you I lay this challenge.

The more time spent thinking and helping others, the less time you have to worry about Jimmy with the six pack and Samantha with the perfect legs. Every morning ask yourself this. Who can I help today? Do it with no thought of reward. Be selfless everyday. Happiness is guaranteed to follow. Here’s a shocker. Religion teaches these principles. I didn’t just go up in flames and you won’t either. It should serve as a reminder that these actions have been in practice for thousands of years with great results. We just have to remember it. Remember to help someone at some point during your “busy” day. You’ll be so much better for it. You might ask yourself how you can help others. Don’t be ashamed. I ask myself that.

You know how your roommate or spouse always leaves laundry in the dryer? Fold it next time and put it in his or her room. What about the single mother you see lugging groceries on your walk home? You see her so often. Take a minute and introduce yourself and help her with her bags.

There’s almost always a can at gas stations on the counter asking for contributions to certain charities. Since you just spent $2.85 on a large coffee why not put the change or at least a dollar in that can. It doesn’t matter what its for, you are helping someone else.

Lets look at that co-worker that is struggling to make ends meet. They always talk about it but don’t ask for help. Hide a $20 bill in their jacket pocket.

Send your parents a bouquet of roses without a card.

Then there’s the friend that always asks for a ride everywhere. Our first thought should be how we are lucky to even have wheels, the second thought should always follow with “Of course I will give this person a ride. I have the time and means to help them.”

These are just quick examples. You can think of more if you try. That’s the fun of it! You can never run out of ways to help another person. You can choose how much you help. But the real lesson is this: The more you concentrate on helping them, the less time you have to worry about your vanity, issues and bedevilment’s of day to day life. Trust me I know first hand. True happiness stems from helping others and quieting your obsession for what you don’t have. The former conquers the latter every time. Do you have the courage for the right battle?

-Luke P.


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